Oriental & Fine Rug Cleaning

The key to your rug looking its best is to take good care of it, to ensure your enjoyment and pleasure. Oriental rug professionals uniformly agree that the best and most suitable for cleaning oriental rug are hand-washed in water, without harsh chemicals.

Having professional like us to wash your precious oriental rug is your best guarantee for its protection and longevity. Over time, soil, dirt, dust and sand accumulate on your rug, accelerate wear and damage to the fiber. Over time, such as a rug environment becomes very attractive to mold and moth larvae.

Regular vacuuming is important to the health of your oriental rug, and it does not take the place of professional cleaning. At Logan Circle Carpet Cleaning, we will not take the opportunity of your precious rug and expose your beautiful rug to harsh or washing machine. These works are handmade by well-trained and professional rug cleaner with experience, who knows the differences in rug fibers, dyes and methods of production.

Stay away from regular rug cleaning companies, who will hose down your rug on the concrete floor and apply harsh chemicals. Although this will not damage the carpet, it will certainly not clean.

It is best to choose us as the next cleaning service, we were in business for over 10 years, and our goal is to clean oriental rug, Persian, and others. We are certified rug cleaning professionals with training and rigorous practice. We are trained in the specific techniques that are apply to each specific type of rug base on material (wool, silk, sisal), design (oriental, modern, transition) or in the country of origin (for example, Persia, India, China) and whether it is a machine made or handmade rug.

Oriental rugs may be pretty heavy and not easy to transport. Typically, Logan Circle Carpet Cleaning arranges the pickup and delivery.